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IMG_2426You must take action to make progress and see change that will allow you to move forward and get you one step closer to acquiring the perfect physique you’ve been dreaming of.

Only YOU can decide that you want to make this change happen. It not just about putting in the hours, its about what you are doing with that time.

Ask yourself what am I doing to get myself one step closer to my goal? Do you need help getting in the right direction with diet or training. 

I am now taking on a limited number of online clients. Lets  work together and come up with a proper plan designed specifically for you and your goals.

If you are serious and willing to work hard check out my PLANS & PRICING.


434 thoughts on “Online coaching

  1. Hey Sadik,
    I am Jan from Germany. It is always great to see your progress and hie motivational you are for so many people, me included. I had a lit of stress but through training and becpming more positive because if seeing only the good things and cuting the depressive and negative things out it’s getting better and better in my life. But my progress is so slow and i think i am doing something wrong with my training and eating habits because i put a lit of work in it but it doesnt pay off. So I hope you can help me with that.

    Yours sincerly Jan

  2. Hey Sadik, my name is Gage and I have been wanting to compete in mens classic physique for sometime. I have been inspired by your videos and your dedication to bodybuilding, and I am determined to pursue my dream of one day competing. I have been weightlifting for awhile but I am need of professional help to better my training. I am 20 years old and I am about 5’7 and 225lbs. I try to workout about 5-6 times a week while balancing college and work. Although I train hard, I feel like I have hit a plateau and my progression has been slow. Any advice or tips would be a great help. Thanks

    Gage Bongo

  3. Hi sir . I am looking for a good workout plan and i believe no one can give better plans than you. Currently i am working in UAE. How can i get your online coaching.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  4. Hey Sadik,

    I don’t know if you remember me It’s Adam from Degraves espresso cafe in Melbourne Australia, Ive now moved back to the U.K., and I want to get in really good shape and I’m hoping with your help you’ll be able to help me, hope your well cheers Adam

  5. Dear Mr sadik
    Im mahmoud singer im 22years old i have been training for almost 2 years and im hardly finiding in difference in gaining muscle and I figured it out that may be diet and workout plan maybe needed to getting help in .
    So can you help and how much ia the fees
    Thank you

  6. Hey sadik, im from morroco , you are my hero in this sport man , you have an awsome physique , and i want to get a body like you , im a skinny guy and i want to gain muscles and i hope that you can give me a program , my friends told me that im hard gainer , but i believe
    Only in one thing HARD WORK , i hope that you can help me and thank you so much

  7. Hey Sadik
    I have a back injury and I’ve been off work since September, can’t do any gym work only fitness of been able to do is swimming, I’ve been working on my core to support my back but I need help with my eating, currently trying alternative treatment like acupuncture which is good but doesn’t last long, last resort will be to see the surgeon which I don’t want to do.

  8. Hey my name is Espen, i just got in to working out but want some pro-help, now i go to the gym everyday and i only eat helthy food, i havent touched un healthy food for a couple of months and i feel like its going pretty well, i just feel like i need some help with nutrition and a workout plan from someone who knows what he is talking about, would love help from one of the guys i look up to

  9. Hello..I am a huge fan. My biggest obstacle is finding a trainer who is there every step. I am wanting to compete in figure this year. I’ve been working hard..just need a different push to get me there.

  10. Hallo Sadik Hadzovic,
    I’m yannick from germany and i’m 19 years Old. I need your help for building a body like you.

    I like your Videos and Photos and that is a great Motivation for me.

    Best regarts,

  11. Hello sadik

    I am interested in training online, I want to build muscle so that one day I can be part of the categories Mens Physique. I read your biography and I understand that wanting, can be achieved. I want to take my training and my physical to another level and for this I request your support brother. God bless you and I hope you can support me.

  12. Hey Sadik. How’s it going man? I am looking to compete in my first physique comp and I want to make sure when I’m on stage I’m at my best and I don’t want to leave any room for error. I know of a few competitions in August that I’ve got my eye on but I want you to tell me if you think I’m ready. Can’t think of any one I’d rather have coaching me up. Been a huge fan of yours since watching The perfect physique.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  13. I am 17 year old and i am training very hard but i don’t see a big Transformation. I live in Germany and I am very skinny… all my friends make gainz gainz and more gainz and i don’t know what i am doing wrong… i hope you can help me.🙏🏽
    Thank you dir Reading und for the Great Motivation

  14. Hey Sadik! I’m 19 years old from Sweden and have a dream of compete in bodybuilding, been training for a while before and got some gains but I’m far from where I need to be to compete. I have been taking a pause from training in like 3 months and now I’m back at it and been making some small gains again but I need alot more muscle. The important thing is that I’m a vegetarian except that I eat fish, eggs and dairy products, I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall and weigh about 130 pounds, are you able to make a plan that fits my body and diet? Regards Jimmy

  15. Hi sadik I’m qahir I’m from Afghanistan I’m really huge fan of u n your workout.
    I’m planning to built body physique and I need your help I’m really desperate I’ve tired some routine and workouts but Im sure your workout routine will help me..

    Yours sincerly Qahir

  16. Sadik

    I must say you are my inspiration when it comes men’s physique. Your body is what I truly aspire to achieve. I have been working out tirelessly for over 2 yrs now and made some amazing gains. I’ve gone from an overweight 6’5 230 desk jockey to a somewhat in shape dad (205 currently) bod but really looking to take the next step. I figure who better to learn from than the absolute best? I would love for you to help me get stage ready.

    Very respectfully


  17. Hello loyal english I am translating through google translate because my level is not good
    I live in turkey and I have been training for about 7 months I am very interested in working with one of your programs I am a big fan but it is unlikely I will meet you personally and please forward me

  18. This is a challenge to everyone especially to those people that in a progress to have a healthy lifestyle, but your words are full of encouragement and I know this is good motivation for everyone to keep on going to achieve their goal. I know hard work is the key for this.

  19. Hey bro! Came here to say Im a huge fan of your work. I folow your rotine on Instagram daily. So for that congrats MSN! So, I played football all my life And now with almost 20 years old im about to embrace te military life. Altough i’ve always been a hardgainer. I now have 138.6 pounds. Im portuguese and I would be really motivated If you could help me out. Thanks

  20. I am Chancellor Corbett and I’m currently a college student at UCF studying mechanical engineering . It is always great to see your progress and how motivational you are for so many people, me included. I Started training when I first came to college and I’ve been doing so for about a year and half now but my progress is so slow and i think i am doing something wrong with my training and eating habits because i put in so much work in, but it doesnt pay off. So I was hoping you could help me amp things up!

  21. Hey Sadik
    The name is jeremiah u can just call me miah you have inspirational videos and you inspire me to get back into shape and wanting to live a healthier life I was hoping you can help me out losing a lot of weight cuz I’m also thinking of joining the military so I would need to meet the weight requirement you think you can help me out?

  22. Hi Sadik!
    I’m skinny guy I find it tough to pack on muscles my diet is excellent with 3000 calories per day inclunding 180 grams of protein. I tried alot of programs but in vain. please suggest your view in order to get big and seem like you.
    I’ll be very thankful for this

  23. Hey sadik i would like your help with some online coaching im trying to get a lean and build muscle at the same time any help would be apperciated

  24. Hi Sadik,

    I am planning to compete in a Junior Men’s physic comp on June 4th, this will be my second comp. I am a Personal trainer so I am all good with training I just need a bit of help with nutrition and when to drop my carbs ect. If you could help me out that would be awesome!


  25. Hey Sadik,
    I am Ricardo from Brazil, I follow your routine on Instagram almost every day and I really need your help kkk. Serious I’ve tried lots of diets but my progress is so slow and i think i am doing something wrong with my training and eating habits, because I put a lot of work in but it doesn’t pay off. So I hope you can help me with that.

  26. Hi Sadik! You look amazing! So here’s the deal i have been not necessary dieting but fitness and eating healthy are my lifestyle. I am just disappointed that as much effort as I put in the gym doesn’t seem to show how hard I’m actually working. Maybe I’m bot eating enough or not getting proper nutrients at the right time I’m not sure. But, I would love your help because eventually I want to compete figure/physique.

    Thank you.

  27. Hey sadik I’ve been following you and watching your videos for a while I’m 17 years old and have been going to the gym over a year now I’ve made some muscle gain and eat pretty healthy I’m sort of at a plateau and want to see more progress can you help me ?

  28. Salam brother Sadik,
    My name is Naila and I’m from California. I have a fairly athletic build and would like to become a little more lean. I am a full time student and go to the gym about 4-5 times a week. I lift fairly heavy for a girl, and saw some improvements from four months of lifting but have hit a plateau. My diet is mostly clean but I feel a bit confused on what to do about carbs? The internet says all kinds of different information like carb cycling, low carbs, or high carb in the morning, and I don’t know what Is right for my body. Also I am worried because I have a lot expenses for school so I cannot afford a personal trainer but I just need a long term diet plan (workout too) and I will follow it but need help getting started. Thanks man.

  29. Hey Sadik, I joined the military when I was 17 years old, I was 6’3″ 165 pounds. Now that I’m almost 20, I’m 6’4″ 205 pounds and am extremely proud to be where I am at bodybuilding wise today.. but I’m not anywhere near where I want to be and I need that extra help and guidance. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and I see a lot of similarities from when you first started bodybuilding to me now. I just got back from 12 months in Korea and am now in Missouri. Hope I hear from you brother.

  30. salam sadik , I’m mahdi from algeria , I like to be a champion with you , I’m ready to do all what you say , so serious …

  31. Hey sadik ..
    This is Ajaz Khan from India . as you inspire a lot of people over the world . You are too my idol as well as my inspiration always .. I am a 49 kg skinny guy . I have been in workout for almost 8 months and since there are not progressable results. I am finding it very difficult to achive the goals. Although i have been given my best . Though my diet and eating habits are very bad & I also khow nutrition is the key … But I hope you will help me achieving my goals.-
    – AJAZ KHAN.

  32. Hello Sadik
    I have been working out since I was 14, I am now 19 years old I have gone from 240 pounds to 167 pounds. I have done ever workout programs to think of such as MMA, CrossFit, calisthenics. I have reached a point of my training where I do not know what to do next to challenge my body because of this road block I have been having trouble toning my body and building lean muscle. I fully believe you can help me overcome these roadblocks.

  33. Hi Sadik my name is Lewis I am a 17 11 stone and 6ft and living in the uk and who loves to go to the gym but am not seeing improvements. I am trying out some supplements and I feel like I’m struggling with my diet but am working really hard . I’ve seen your improvements would be amazing if u helped 💪🏽👍🏽

  34. I watched the perfect physique on Netflix and wanted to look closer to Sadik then any other body builder he was proportioned perfectly in my eyes and I would like to know how to start

  35. Hi Sadik , My name is Fahad i’m from Kuwait. I’m loooking forward to be one of your clients and start something NEW ..

  36. Hello, I’m 26 years old. I live in California, I’d like to improve my results and training. One of my biggest problems is diet. All the programs that I’ve tried have been based on experience, trial and error, but still I feel that it’s always the best idea to take advice from someone really prepared who has achieved all those goals.

  37. Hey I’m really motivated to get to work and work for the way I want to look. You seem like a great coach and I want to get started as soon as possible. I’ve lost 50 pounds but it seems like I haven’t done something right. I want your help to do it the right way. I hope you can help me!

  38. Sadik, my name is Cam, I have been watching your videos for a little over a year now. I’m constantly watching your videos, looking at your Instagram. I am going to compete in the Mike Francois this upcoming May and I would like some coaching by the one and only!

  39. Dear champ,
    im a great fan of your career and I find your posts on instgram are highly motivational on a daily bases! I have a problem of maintaining a diet while working out I noticed that I lose weight instead of gaining mass In muscle and I’m certain it’s because I’m doing it all wrong! That’s why I need Your help with a diet and training plan for beginners! Although I used to workout for 2 years but lately I stoped going due to the pressure of work and finishing my master degree, how can I purchase you’re plan?
    Best regards,

  40. Hey Sadik i’m Leon from Germany . I Love to See your Videos and Posts , and that makes me happy. and Sadik i Need help with My diet and my training. so i Hope You Can help me.

    yours sincerly Leon

  41. Hi Sadik.
    I’m looking for a good workout and diet plan, and you’re the right man to ask for help. I’m 17 years old, 6’1 and weigh 70kg.

    Sincerely Alexander

  42. Hey Sadik,

    I already emailed you bro I need help to shred for the upcoming summer man really need your help

  43. Hey Sadik,
    This is Nilesh from india.Need a proper diet as well want to bulk a lil just like you.And wanna shredd . I’ve seen your transformations which is amazing.I dedicated all mine to workout but unable to get suitable results.Please do guide me.

  44. Assalamualaikum sadik i am from india and i am your big fan. I Looking for a great workout and diet plan and i believe no one can give better than you.

  45. Hi, I’ve been out of fitness for almost a year now, but I’ve always wanted to go serious and get fit. Hoping with professional help I can finally achieve this.

  46. Hello Sadik , I’m 24 yrs old and I’ve been an active athlete all my life , though due to certain circumstances of life I can no longer be as active (sports) as I want because of work , though I do go to crossfit about 3 times a week and the rest I go to a regular gym , I want some help in achieving my goal which is to loose body fat and reach my 125-130 I’ve always been at … I’m looking for a perfect meal plan , my crossfit workout are prepared but the other 2-3 days I got toy regular gym I would like a nice routine or tricks that will bring my weight down to 125-130 I’m currently 150 and 5’3 though since I’ve always trained and played sports I believe I have a lot of muscle mass … obviously some fat too but I’m looking for that lean built physics… not looking to compete on stage but to compete for myself.

  47. Hey sadik,
    I have been lifting for around a year now. I am 5’11 and 171 lbs. I would like to add one a good amount of muscle but also have a lean look. I hope you can help me.

    Sincerely, Jonah

  48. Whats up brother I’ve been wanting to get in stage for a wile. But i dont feel ready i feel to small. I want to grow as much possible but i want to shredd so i can bulk clean and gain as much good cuality muscle. I want to be close to your body type and i know i need few more years i know with your help i can reach my goals. Also quick question do you calculate peoples macros by weight.age etc.. Or by bodyfat persantage?

  49. Can you tell me a training program for muscle mass.Because of work I’m free Wednesday and Thursday.the days I work I am free from 14: 00-17: 00 o’clock and I work night shift.

  50. Hello Sadik,
    My name is Jarred I am from Hawaii, and have had a very long couple of years. I went through a lot emotionally which effected me physically. I gained like 30 pounds and was not motivated to lose it. But over the past 5 months I have been getting back into it working hard to get in amazing shape. I see your posts on instangram which motivates me everyday to workout and even to get better as a college student and person. I would love your help for me to reach my goal and become better in every aspect of my life.


  51. Hey Sadie,

    My name is justice and I’m very interested in your program. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get the stubborn belly fat off and don’t know what to do. I would love your help is you could help me.

  52. Hey, My name is Jesse! I’m 18 years old and really wanting to take my physique and life into a better place. I’d like to shred some body fat and eat healthy. Please contact me when you can brother 😀

  53. Hi Sadik,
    I’m Emanuel from Italy, my place is near Maranello where makes the Ferrari. I have done gym since 2012 myself. I studyed diet and workout plan on internet and for now the results is good for me. But I know that I can do better but I need the man who can guide me. I see the result of your athletes/customers and I thought to ask you an help to adjust and make better my diet and workout plan. Do you want to help me? I will hope yes because I think you are the perfect in this sport. Have a nice day.

  54. Hey Sadik, my names Colin- I’ve been following you for a very long time and I think I want to try one of your plans. I’ve been stuck lately in certain areas and I’m looking for your assistance. Thanks man

  55. Hey there I’m a huge fan been a gym rat for almost a year and a half now looking to take the next step would love to hear back from you

  56. Hey Sadik,
    Just sent you email, I would appreciate the help to reach my goals.

    Gilbert Rivera

  57. Hey i wanted to lose 20-25 kgs in like 3-4 months
    Or in other words get my waist down to 32 from 42
    Nd gain muscle mass i am 95kgs nd 6 feet

  58. Hey Sadik, my name is David I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week but I’ve hit a wall and my pumps aren’t as good as they used to be, and I feel like if I had your workout plan I can break through this plateau. I also need some help finding and sticking to a solid diet.
    Sincerely, David

  59. Hi Sadik. My name is Muhamed Gutic and I’m 19 years old. I want to lose weight, built a lot of muscle and just get bigger and in better shape. I just want to know how can you help me? Yours Sincerley Muhamed Gutic.

  60. Hey man huge follower of yours. I began my fitness journey a little over a year ago and have made great progress. I recently wanted to take my training to the next level and compete in a NPC show in April of 2018. I want to compete men’s physique in a 180 or 170lbs weight division. I was curious if you did cometition preps or not? Again huge fan and would love to her back from you

  61. Hey Sadik I’m a 17 year old boy who’s been lifting now for 2 years and I’ve hit a wall. I dirty bulked for 2 years and I need help on the dieting aspect and just a plan together. I’ve made a plan for working out I just am not experienced enough to cut fat and just all the extras. If you could help me that would be so appreciated because lifting is more than just a passion for me.

  62. Hey Sadik I’m a huge fan and i am so inspired by your touching words.
    Would love to have some experience with you as i trained the past two years indeed i am still feeling like there is some tips and tricks missing.
    Thanks !

  63. Hey Sadik, my name is Christian Steward and I’m a firefighter/EMT. I’m looking to lose some body fat, but also gain muscle mass. I’m currently 5’10”, 265lbs with about 24% body fat. I would like to get between 215 and 225 with 5 to 8% body fat. It would be great if you could help me out with my fitness journey.

  64. I’ve been going to the gym for about 6 months and have been seeing some results. I have lost about 38 pounds and want to lose more fat and build kean muscle.

  65. Dear Sadik,

    Wassup my brother! So I need to get my meal plan on point. I’m moved and impressed by the results off those who’ve gotten your council and guidance. I’d like to get your help, if you can. I’m 28 years old, 6’0 tall, and weigh 203 lbs. Not in good shape at all.

  66. Hi . you are the best in the world. I have trained almost 5 years and have built my muscles, but I want to be great, I do not know if it’s because of my training program or my food, I’d like you to be my online coaching, but wanted to know about the price, I ✌️ is not so good in English sorry. tried to send Emil but could not

  67. Hey Sadik,
    My names is Michael and I’m 18 years old and am about to graduate high school. I’ve worked out for a while with moderate to low intensity, but in the past 7 months my friend and I have worked out 5-6 days a week for 2 hours on average. We’ve noticed growth for sure, but I don’t think the level of time we put into the gym is reflected by the amount of strength we have gained. I’ve tried to lose weight and get a low body fat percentage, and I’m a very active guy, participating in multiple sports, and actively running. I’ve received some lifting guidance from an ex NFL player who really helped me perfect lifting and push me in the right direction, but I know my weak point is my diet and supplement usage. I don’t use any supplements, unless you consider generic protein powder after a workout. My diet on the other hand is fairly good for the most part, a good amount of protein, low fat, medium carbohydrates. I’m just wondering if you can give me any more advice to really set me on the path to my lifting goals.

    Sincerely, Michael

  68. Hey Sadik my name is Austin. I will be competing in a classic physique show in about 6 weeks and was wondering the cost of your 4 week training and dieting program

  69. What’s up Sadik,

    I’m a United States Marine looking to cut down around 8 pounds while retaining muscle/strength. I’ve been working towards it for about 3 months now with some good progress, but I would like to get some outside professional input. The tough part about it is that I have to maintain solid cardio for the consistent running I am obligated to do. If you think you can help me lean out while maintaining my muscle mass and cardiovascular needs I would appreciate it.

    Thanks man.

  70. Hi Sadik, I have always been lifting. And got serious about it a couple of years ago I am some sort of tone but I have been trying and trying to get the bottom belly fat off and get those abs, and be ripped up for the summer.

  71. I’m a 20 yr old way above the average weight. Need some tips to turn fat into muscle while losing a fair amount of weight. I would’ve done coaching but I dont have the money and I’m unemployed so just some tips!? Please get back to me whenever you have the chance as I’m aware of your busy schedule.

  72. Hey sadik youre very motivating and on the path to success! I love training and want to increase my knowledge and learn the science behind it all. I want to make a significant change in my physique, but im not sure the right ways to do so.

  73. Hey Sadik

    I am Stanley from Malaysia. I love all your instagram posts and the videos you uploaded about body building workouts.I have started gym since last year and some how I had slimmed down a lot but I am still unable to build a massive body yet. Cause I am certain whether it is my training routine or either my eating habits that is affecting my body growth. That’s why I am thinking of getting trainer to train and point out what I am still missing out on my training. Hopefully, you can help me with that due to the recent posts of how people trained with you and obtained a massive progress.
    Your sincerely, Stanley

  74. Hey how are you doing ? My name is Bj and I’m going into my cutting phase … I’ve already did some work . I’m a start off by saying I was really skinny and I wanted to put on some weight … so I did just that and I put on 30lbs … I did get bigger and stronger … and I was relieved to see all my hard work pay off but now I’m going into the cutting phase and I need a little help … I’m not planning on doing any competitions this year or anything so I just want to take my time with this cut … I’m only trying to lose 1-1.5lbs a week… I want to maintain as much muscle and strength as I can … I’m going for more a chiseled look . So , I don’t care how long the cut takes … to get my body how I want it … I was wondering … can you help me with that ?

  75. Hey Sadik,
    My names camden and I’m from Kansas. I’ve been following you for about 2 years now on YouTube and all your social media pages. I’m a huge fan and you’re the guy that inspired me to get into bodybuilding. I’ve been working out for about a year now and I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the sport and how my diet should be and how my workout plans should be. I’m ready to take it to the next level and really try to develop my body. I’m 17 years old and I’m about 5’10 and weigh about 160. Im trying to put on some good quality muscle and start competing. I’ve been trying to find a coach that knows what their doing and can coach me well.

  76. Hello Sadik my name is Aziiz and I would like to transfer my body to a better shape and I have seen really good results under your training and I greatful if you can help me to.

  77. hey sadik my name is Alex and I been training for almost 2 years.i have been watching some videos on yutube about your training It has helped me out a lot while I have been training.its just my physuie goes up and down.i am looking forward to having a coach that could help me out the one that inspired me to start training and motivated me thoughout the very first start.

  78. hey
    im trying to gain muscles so i can be ready for men’s physique but dont know why these days im being weaker and im losing wight from 163lb to 155. also im student so i cant eat 6 meals everyday but i have to if i want to gain. so can you help me with that and tell me what kind of plan or diet that i need to take?

  79. Hey sadikhadzovic, im 17 and have some belly fat i need to lose, i would also like to get more defined/cut before summer can you help?

  80. Hi Sadic.
    I am 183cm 77kg. With less than 15% body fat.
    But almost no abs and I train 4 days a week.
    I just want to get those blody abs and at the same time gain mire weight!
    Is it pisdible bro ?

  81. Assalamau alaikum brother… May ALLAH blessed you and all your dreams comes reality.. ..i am a die hard fan of you if i don’t know English because i m belong from INDIA and also a village… Can i still get coaching from you

  82. Hey Sadik! I have followed you on Instagram for a while now. I have always loved physical fitness. I played basketball throughout high school and collegiately my freshman year. I’m not playing anymore and I am interested and adding mass and definition. The hardest part for me is deciding my splits the necessary cardio and diet that I need. I’m not sure how much your plans are but I am definitely imterested in knowing and would be open to buying one! Keep doing what you’re doing man!

  83. Hello, salamaleikum👋🏻 I’m from Kazakhstan, my name is Zhanibek, but you just can call me Jon 🙂
    I can write a lot of things why I writing for you this letter, but it will be briefly and clearly, i just want you to help me, with my training with iron, because you are proffesional, and i want to know how succes my level up.

  84. Good morning,
    I am interested in the spring challenge that you posted on your instagram. I would like to do the 8 week program. I’m currently 244 lbs. 5’10”. I work out and play a lot of basketball but I’ve hit a plateau. Please let me know what I need to do to sign up

  85. My name is Alex shoemaker I am a Bradley wrester home of 26x state championship team I am a 182 and every year we have to maintain our weight. But our team is not cutting/mantaining correctly this is a big problem for our teams health I would like to set a example for everyone on the team and would like to purchase a 4 week diet and 4 week training program how would I be able to purchase it.

    Thank you, Alex shoemaker

  86. Hello I’m zheng ting and I’m 15 years old currently. I’m torso dominant so my arms are naturally smaller in comparison to my upper body. My measurements are 10.6 inches (unflexed) and 13 inches (flexed). I want to grow my arms to 12 inches unflexed by September. Will u help me? My parents doesn’t want to spend money to buy your program 😦 just give me some advice on how to grow my arms faster. Thank you

  87. Hi, I am Özgür from Turkey. I am following your blog and page for a few years. I do sport for 1 year as professinoal and I need your help and supports for some points about bulk period. Could you please help me program for bulk period? I have little money which I saved

  88. Hey sadik sir hope you are good . I live in
    USA 🇺🇸 AL I have no idea of online training
    Program. I would love to learn from you about
    Bodybuilding and nutrition. I am serious about it . If you can help me through online coaching it will be a lot helpful. Thank you sadik

  89. Hey Sadie,
    Big fan of yours. I’m currently a college baseball player and was wondering if you can help
    me gain strength and add about 25 pounds on me. i’m not looking to be shredded, just bigger and stronger. i’m about 6’2 180 pounds.

  90. Hey sadik whats up!!

    I dont know if you remenber me i did write to you before i want to star a plan on monday but i dont know how to proceed my grammar its not that good please contact me so we can work it out.


    Good job in your bulking season i can bet at least 8 lean pounds

  91. Hey sadik!
    I am a medical student pursuing my mbbs and i have been fat for most of my life now until one year ago when i started taking theses issues seriously.
    I am proud to say that i have lost a good amount pf fat and i have gained a bit of muscle through strenght training and diet.
    Although i my goal is not to become a body builder or something but is to achieve a good overall physique.
    I have followed you ever since i have seen your post on instagram and i am a huge fan.
    I keep following your tips and love them.
    Now i have one month holidays coming up starting from may1 for about a month or so abd i want someone to guide me to achieve my goals.
    I was wondering if you could help me out and let me know what i could opt for in your personalized plans.
    Many thanks
    P.s. Fan from dubai 😬

  92. hi sadik I am raj from kenya, it is always great to see your videos and getting motivated by an icon like you, I have been training since a year and a half and I see my body becoming big but I don’t see my weight increasing it stays around 65kgs to 68kgs And i am a vegiterian I hope you can help me with that than you.

  93. Hi sadik
    My name is osama from iraq i like your tips and your motivation videos you gave me the power to complete my exercises but i have a problem with the food because i dont have the complete Food equipment in my country
    Can i replace the one that i don’t have with any thing that i used always .

  94. Hey sadik.
    Am aref barakeh, from Ghana.21 years old. Been working out since i was 15 years old. Always great to see progress and motivational to others and me. I stopped going to the gym for 2 weeks now because am not seeing results after i got back to training in January. There’s something wrong with my diet and training. I really want to get back in shape. Hope you can help.

    Your sincerly aref

  95. Dear sadik, I am really longing to gain more muscle mass. I started in September and only seen a little growth. I really need some guidance. Please help

  96. What’s up sadik I’m a huge fan! Thank you your being a great motivator.. so I’m currently trying to body build I see my strength and I feel my gain under my fat but need to burn more fat but I also need my carbs for workouts and also do cardio but I still look the same but I am getting stronger for sure need to burn more fat do I do more cardio won’t I loose gains?

  97. Hello sadik im your biggest fun in bodybuilding i want to be like you your my inspiration spirit in bodybuilding i want to be like you I wish you can help me ib your 12 weeks problem Thank You Brother Godbless You😀😀

  98. Hello,

    I would like to ask about the diet plan for 4 weeks. I was 127 and my hight is 186 now i reach 108 and i need to reduce more till 92

  99. Hey sadik iam fahad from india 🇮🇳
    Iam 17, height 5.8,weight 78
    Sir iam glad to take a online training with your preferences
    Please help me to transformation on my body
    Aslaamu alikum 🤙🏼

  100. Hello Sadik, my name is Alex, I’m from Russia, Moscow. You’re a great athlete! You motivate to go to the gym and inspire to live right and lead a healthy lifestyle! I really want to achieve the same results as you! If you helped me I would be happy) thanks, Sadik!

  101. I am Lee from Korea. I am a great fan of Sadik. My dream is a famous bodybuilding trainer. im studying hard now. I have a lot of questions on bodybuilding, but don’t have coach or teacher. PLEASE HELP ME !!

  102. Hi sir . I am looking for a good workout plan and i believe no one can give better plans than you. Currently i am working in UAE. How can i get your online coaching.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  103. Hey Sadik sir I’m Harsh Paw from India. I’m 17 years old. I’ve be following you since long back and watching your all videos and I’ve decided to take coaching from you. I’ve been lifting from past 2 years. I started lifting when I was 45kgs and 5.6ft and right now after 2 years I’m 65kgs and 5.9. I’ve not taken any kind of coaching till now. It was all just trial and error method without any guidance. And now I want to go far in this field I want to build the aesthetic physique. And for that I need proper guidance from an experienced person and I think that is you. Could you please give me the opportunity to be your student please?

  104. Hi sir.
    My name is sami. I am from Sydney, Australia. My weight is 85.6 and it’s stable but I want to loose some I want my weight 70. I do treadmill around 5-8 min but I lift up weight too much. Big thing is I got belly fat too and I feel really bad because of that. I want to be get shredded. Please help me sir I really need your advices.

  105. Hey hi sadik, man I love glory and I follow your all workouts and I want to be like you or at least somewhere near like you and for that I need your help bro. I just need a guidance from someone who is very dedicated and serious about fitness, and for me that only person is you.

  106. Hi sadik sir
    I am milad and i am 16 i really love your work and everything can you please help me to build a perfect physic.thank you ☺

  107. Hy
    My naMe is mohammad mAaz
    Thnkz for uploading your vedios
    Im motivated by seeimg your vedios
    I got great transformation by seeing ur workout thnkZ @sadik brother for being with me salute you😍😘

  108. Hey Dario,
    I am kyrone from sanpedro, Belize 🇧🇿. Your inspiration to me , I like all your progress and your motivational videos , you inspire people just as you have inspired me. I had a little stress on training and dieting , most of the time I get depressed with when changing routine either bulking or cutting whereby I can’t never get the love handles in my lower oblique and back fat to go away while cutting, I know I’m doing something wrong with my training and dieting because I put effort at the gym and diet but it doesn’t show the results that I’m looking for, I hope you can help me out

    Yours sincerely,

  109. Hey sadik,
    I am kyrone from sanpedro, Belize 🇧🇿. Your inspiration to me , I like all your progress and your motivational videos , you inspire people just as you have inspired me. I had a little stress on training and dieting , most of the time I get depressed with when changing routine either bulking or cutting whereby I can’t never get the love handles in my lower oblique and back fat to go away while cutting, I know I’m doing something wrong with my training and dieting because I put effort at the gym and diet but it doesn’t show the results that I’m looking for, I hope you can help me out

    Yours sincerely,

  110. My name is Baran. I am from Turkey. I am 17 years old. I wanna be fit body. Can you help me? What can i do?

  111. My names Nick and I follow you on Instagram.
    I am trying to build straight mass.
    I’m a hard mass gainer and nothing I do changed that.
    I’ve been 205 lbs and looked like I weighed 150 with no mass to show for it.
    My strength gains and I constantly raise my bar when it comes to lifting weights.

    If you could help with online coaching or a program that would help a hard gainer please let me know!

  112. Hi sir, my name is Shareen Hameed,I’m 19 years old and I’m from India.I’m big fan of you.I had compete in men’s physique and I got first place in district level competition and it was my first competition.I have been inspired by your videos and your dedication to bodybuilding.And now I’m preparing for my next state level competition.After that national level competition.

  113. Hlw sir i really like you….u motivate me….yup i work out regularly ….i live in kashmir india bt problem here is less education on bodybuilding ….. i wanted to use supplements whey protein etc….but my parents won’t let me use ….. what should i do…..thank u

  114. Hai,i from malaysia,i have competition on 10oktober
    Can i know skill to play on diet,sorry my english not well,i want know skill play chest,shoulder,back,biceps and legs,tq idol

  115. Hey Sadik ive been looking at your clients progress photos and I’ve been thinking to myself maybe this will be the right fit for me. I’ve been lifting weights for a while and trying to meal prep, however things aren’t working out like I thought. My goals are to gain lean muscle mass, at least 10 lbs, and try to cut down on excess body fat if that can be tied in to. Anything from you can help

  116. Hi sadik I’d love to start your online training. I am dedicated to working out and i just need a little assistance to help reach my goal.

  117. hey sadik.
    i am mustafa from Iraq …iam realy need someone like u to give me plans for training i wish that i have corse from u but i can’t pay online! i wish that u can help me … iam following u from instagram .

  118. Hello sadık hadzovic. I am alper from turkey How are you? I am a student. But my dont money. Can you help me? I want your program. Is it possible?

  119. Hey Sadik,
    I’m Ivan, ive always wanted to get in shape and get big but i could never do it on my own. Recently I’ve been able to make positive differences in my physique but I am no where close to where I want to be. My main goal is to become a professional body builder. You have motivated me to put all my efforts towards this goal but i believe that you can help me exceed my own expectations I will be forever greatful if you can help me.

  120. hey, sadik sir i would love to be train by you!! i have even w Mister karanataka 3rd place in physic!! And now em planing to go on the stage of jarai clasic 2k18!! plzz help me out

  121. Hi Sadik!
    I am 17 years old gay from Sweden. I am not going to suck upp but I am really your fan. I need really help.
    Respect bruh

  122. My dear Sadik,
    Once I was so skinny. I wasn’t concious about health. People made fun of me. I was a chain smoker. Then, 7months ago I became hardly determined that I would become someone whom I’m proud of. Then I started training. And tried to follow your instruction. And now everyday I’m being a better me than yesterday.
    Now I badly need your plan, but I am not enough rich to pay your price. 😦
    so, in that case can you help me?
    Your’s sincerely,
    -Sadik Niloy.

  123. Hello sadik.

    I’m Abdel from Belgium, I need your help to reach my goal, but thier is a problem that is preventing me for my goal, which is from the birth they pulled me hard from my shoulder and they damaged my shoulder so the problem is that my shoulder can’t reach 90 degree and I can’t turn my arm… So if you can help with reaching my goal I’ll be very thankful.

    Yours sincerely Abdel.

  124. Hey,shadik sir i am a big big fan of name is qasim Farooqi and i am from India I follow the videos of you on the YouTube and get lot of help by your video last from 2 months.the think is I need to learn more about your workout and so please help out with that and need a good professionalized body for stage performance.

  125. Hey man

    I’m a 20 year old plumber from Australia and I lead a pretty busy life. I’m currently going to the gym 4-5 times a week after work (I work 7am-3:30pm Monday-Friday)
    And also play Australia Rules Football which I train for 2 times a week and play Saturdays.
    Is there still enough time in the week for you to be able to tailor a specific nutrition and training plan so I can gain lean muscle having in mind Aussie rules is a tough sport and recovery time would be needed putting my body through that much stress.

    Thanks you, Josh

  126. Hey sadik .Hope you are good.
    Well i started gym 5 months ago. I am getting a fine shape of my body . But there are some lackings in my chest and shoulder . Gain is very slow .
    I will be very glad if you help me out with a solution.

  127. Hi sadik, first of all a big fan of yours from india……. I want to compete from next year u am 20 years old and working out from last three years…. And need ti gain sime size now..
    Can you please provide me tips… My body is responding fast….. But i do have college going on… But at the same time i need serious gains….. I would be thankful to you for your help…… Please check out my instagram handle (saurabhpandey4466 ).

  128. Hello Sadie,
    It’s always wonderful seeing your workouts plans and the motivational b videos. My name is Hakeem from Nigeria. My workout plans are very slow , I think am having a very slow progression. I wanna be like you and even better than you. And besides, am haveing emotional pains and am willing to burn them to my strength and source of energy.
    Yours sincerely,

  129. Hi there,

    My name is Desmond Gamble. I’m normally a sporty and active 16 year old. I play Football, I do Boxing, play Basketball and go to the Gym. But recently I fractured my ankle and couldn’t do anything for 7-10 weeks. It made me lazy and overall made me put on weight. I’m ashamed of my body and refuse to go to the beach with my friends on school holidays because of it. I saw that you were recently at Surfers Paradise Beach, I’m a local and love to go there but now i refuse to go. I have tried going for runs but nothing works or boosts my motivation. Before the injury I was 75kgs or 165 lbs and now after the injury which I have fully recovered from I am 81kgs or 178 lbs. I don’t like walking around in MY OWN HOUSE without a shirt on, I hate looking into mirrors and overall I am devastated on how much i have let my old self go. I try to eat healthy but I don’t have the concept of what foods i can and can’t eat stuck in my head yet. And I don’t understand the science behind losing fat and eating right either. Attached to this email, is a photo of myself before my injury and the second photo is me after the injury (now). I understand that you get hundreds upon hundreds of emails a day about your tips and tricks, but if you could please take the time to read my email and give me advice, that will change my life forever and make me a happier person overall. I need help.

    Kind Regards,

    Desmond Gamble

  130. Hey Sadik,I’m Anes from Bosnia,me and my gym partner are always talking about you and your physique,and would love to be like you,we both have a strict diet and a training program but the progress is nonexistent.I’m sure that you can help me and my friend.Btw I’m a huge fan.

    Yours sincerely Anes

  131. Hey Sadik aka future mr.olympia 😂😂 just purchased a 4 week diet plan I just had to make a change in my diet and in training after seeing people’s results that you post on your IG I decided to give this a try and see my results in a few weeks 💪🏼

  132. my name is krishna and I’m from India I want six pack and almost like asthetheics body its my dream as India coaching in gym is not good hence don’t have much money. My height is not good 5. 2feet and don’t have much power in my hands can’t du pull up and pushup but go to gym still push and my dream is to get die in USA plz help me get body that I became naked as zac and Ryan bcz ur so strong I respect उ pz help me

  133. Hi sadik my name is Will from Connecticut just really want a solid plan to go by and after following you for quiet some time I’m sure you know the way p

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