NPC Athlete Of The Month

I have been named the National Physique Committee athlete of the month! Athlete of the month is chosen by NPC Chairman Jim Manion based on in-person analysis and on the information provided by contest promoters across the country and featured in the NPC News Online Contest Roundups every Monday.

Thank you to the IFBB & NPC, Eat The Bear, Jan TanaBev Francis Powerhouse Gym, and all my fans who have supported me along the way!

Heres the link to the complete article:

Contest History/Highlights 2012: IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic, 2nd; IFBB Greater Gulf States, 2nd; Steve Stone NY Metropolitans 1st Tall Class and Overall; Jr. Nationals 1st Class C and Overall; Jr. USA 2nd Class B; 2011: Brooklyn Grand Prix 2nd Class; Eastern USA Championships 3rd Tall Class

SUPER INSPIRATION “Growing up, I was fascinated with comic books and the super human physiques in them. I would sit and draw them for hours upon hours. I think that every kid has a fascination with superpowers and being a hero, but I also wanted to physically look like the characters I was drawing. I started doing hundreds of push ups and curls at home. Later on, I joined the world famous Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym – “The East Coast Mecca”. In that gym I was quickly bitten by the competitive bug and it was then and there that I decided I wanted to be a Mens Physique champion.”

LIFE LESSONS“My family were immigrants from war torn Yugoslavia. I believe my inspiration, drive and work ethic comes from the same work ethic my parents used to provide food on the table. I take that into the gym with me. It serves as a constant reminder of the importance of hard work and sacrifice. I also realize that the struggles in the gym and competition are nothing compared the the struggles of life. Many people speak of how the focus and drive of the gym helps them in life. I think my struggles in life have helped me overcome difficulties in the gym.”

ROLE MODELS “Some of my role models in this sport include Arnold Schwarzenegger for bringing bodybuilding to the mainstream; Jay Cutler for both his presence on and off the stage with his fans; Sergio Oliva for the most insane v-taper I have ever seen; Branch Warren and Dorian Yates for their intensity in the gym. I am also very impressed and inspired by all the talent coming out of the NPC Mens Physique division. It is exciting watching the division grow at such a fast pace.”

CREATE AND COMPETE “The ability to change your physique is a true metaphor about how you can change your life. The stage gives me an opportunity to show what I have created to the world. Bodybuilding is its own reward. We become stronger, healthier and more confident. However, competing allows me to put my physique and hard work up against people who do the exact same thing that I do – bust their ass in the gym and promote a healthy lifestyle.”
Some of the other Athletes of the month include: Anthony Pasquale, LaDawn McDay, Vida Guerra, Mallory Haldeman, Darrian Tissenbaum, Betty Vasquez, and Sadik Hadzovic.

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