Training Bicep & Triceps

Heres a quick video showcasing my arm day (bicep and Tricep training). When training arms for muscle hypertrophy aim for 16-20 sets. Dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel–

3 thoughts on “Training Bicep & Triceps

  1. this looks great but i have one question on the your interview on it saids you get 2500-2750kcal/day and I am wondering how you got so big with what seems to be a smaller caloric intake than normal?


  2. Impressed with your form. How could I not be. Seeing your youtube videos is so useful, because I can see the timing and how the motion should be made. Now I realise that I need to rework some of my thinking about my home gym, so I can make better use of the equipment I have, and also make the equipment do what I need it to do, not just do what is easiest to do because of the way the equipment is laid out. Hmm…. Thanks for the input. Always appreciated.

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