The Sadik Set

Today I will introduce everyone to a killer exercise I constructed. You may refer to it as “The Sadik Set”. I perform this cross-fit inspired exercise twice a week to help me lean down for photo shoots.

I have broken this exercise into four parts (part: A, B, C, D). Here is step-by-step instructions on how to properly perform this set–

Part A.  The dead Lift
My all time favorite exercise has to be the dead lift! This exercise is known for building all around functional strength especially in the back muscles. Start by facing a loaded barbell and walk toward it till your shins are almost touching the bar, plant your feet less then shoulder width apart. Bend your knees 90 degrees, sit back keep your back as straight as possible and grasp the bar shoulder width distance (this will be your starting position, see #1). Once in position exhale, thrust your hips forward and pull like hell! Once you have reached the top of the movement you will poke your chest outward and roll your shoulders backward (see #3), hold that contracting for a second inhale and slowly lower the bar back to starting position. Be sure to perform many dead lifts with light weights until you step up to the big boy weight.

Part B.  The Standing Over-Head Press
The Standing Over-head press primarily hits the deltoid muscles. Start this exercise with your feet planted in a neutral position, grasping the bar in front of your chin. Hands will be shoulder distance with your palms facing upward and your back slightly bent (this is your starting position, see #1). Begin the movement by tucking your chin in, exhale and push the bar directly overhead (see #2). Contract your muscles at the top and begin inhale as you lower the bar back in front of your chin (#3). Be sure not to lock your elbows out at the top to prevent joint pain.

Part C.  The Squat
The Squat is the king of all leg workouts. To perform this exercise you will want to place the bar behind your head. The bar will rest on the back of your shoulders and traps. Hold the bar in a comfortable position, keep your head up and arch your lower back (see #1). Feet should be shoulder width distance and toes sightly pointed outward. Bend your knees, inhale, sit back with your hips till your legs hit a 90 degree position (see #3) then begin to exhale and press down with your hells till you drive the bar back to the starting position (see #5). It is important to keep your head up and lower back arched inward at all times.

Part D. The Bent-Over Row
Bent-over barbell rows are a great way to build all around thickness in the back. You will need to grip the bar with your palms facing downward. Keep your feet planted shoulder distance apart and bend your knees slightly to relieve the pressure off your lower back. lean your torso over the bar so that your are almost almost parallel to the floor (see #1). Begin to pull the barbell toward your belly button and exhale. Once at the top you may squeeze and contract your back muscles (see #2). After holding the contraction for one second you can slowly lower the bar back into starting position. Be sure to keep your head  upward the entire movement to prevent any spinal injuries.

Aim for 10-15 reps for each of the four parts. After performing the set you may rest for 60-90 seconds before you increase the weight and perform the set two more times. 

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