Step out of your cubical and exercise!

Ok so you may not be the next Ronnie Coleman or Lance Armstrong. But it is still important to exercise regularly and promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of you reading this will say “well Sadik I just simply cant find the time between the long hours I have been working, all the school work I am behind on, Madden NFL 2012 for Xbox, and thirsty Thursdays at the local shit hole bar/pub with the other fat people. All I have to say to you is bullshit, make the time.

For many years I have been working two jobs and still managing to MAKE time to exercise regularly. It could be something as simple as running around the block, or having a push up contest with my little nephew or a full-blown 60 minute all body workout at the gym. Im not asking everyone out there to train every single day but atleast put the Xbox and Cheeto’s down and exercise for a few hours a week.

I decided to give you what I feel is the top 5 benefits of exercising–

  1. Exercise improves your mood. When you exercise you look good, when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you do good!
  2. Achieve better sleep. Exercise helps to balance your daily bio-rhythms and hormonal activity. If you exercise regularly you will allow your body to fall asleep deeper and faster.
  3. Exercise speeds up your metabolism. Ok you already knew that huh? you will burn more calories exercising then you will by watching dancing with the stars this season. Not only will you be burning fat while exercising but you will permanently boost your metabolism because you are building muslces you’ve never had which in correlation increases your metabolic rate. Win-win situation =)
  4. Better sex life, yes better sex. Exercising helps your body produce more testosterone. That is the hormone that powers up the libido in both male and female genders. Exercise also fights stress and fatigue which greatly affects the libido, especially in women.
  5. Exercise increases energy levels. Are you moping around the office like a zombie? Just a few minutes a day of exercising can boost your energy levels. Studies have shown that there is a direct and positive correlation between regular exercise and increased sustained levels of energy.
Stop being lazy you are capable of great things so get up, get out, and exercise now!

One thought on “Step out of your cubical and exercise!

  1. I cannot explain why I looked at your profile or how I came across it, or even at that, decided to check out your workout clip, but i did and yes, I’m inspired. I embarrassingly admit I got away from my working out and started slipping into the use of things I don’t need to give too much explanation of, but a struggle has been going on within me and seeing your clip and your dedication as well as an incredibly fucking amazing body. You have given me the slap in the face (so to speak) which I have been needing to get from someone. Strange as it may be how a stranger you are to me and I’m sure to you how just plain strange I may be to you, but your from the hip words struck a chord with me and I thank you. Thank you for putting together the video and saying exacty what you did, how you said it, and how you put it all together, it was exactly what I needed to see and hear to straighten up. Just thought I would let you know you have been a positive influence to someone.
    Thank you.

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