Sadik’s August recipe

Heres a good idea for a quick healthy meal. Cut up some of your favorite fresh vegetables. I like Peppers (all colors), portobello mushrooms, julienne cut carrots, brocolli, lots of onions! Sometimes I throw in snap peas. Put everything in a large bowl and add a little bit of mct oil or olive oil. Depending on how much vegetables you have, go with 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Then throw in some garlic powder onion powder and pepper. Mix well and put to the side. cube and cook some chicken in a pan with olive oil cooking spray. Throw all the vegetables in a large saute pan and cook on medium heat for about a half an hour. Keep mixing. When the vegetables are cooked to your liking throw in the chicken to reheat it up and if you want some extra protein add in some cashews. Serve over brown rice, whole wheat pasta or sweet potato on the side. This is an easy delicious and guilt free meal try it and have fun using different vegetables and seasonings. Just try to watch the sodium levels in the seasonings you use. Try it out and reply with new ideas.

5 thoughts on “Sadik’s August recipe

  1. umm..I left a post here earlier and I come back it’s gone?

    Anyway, just as promised…came back to say, tried your simple yummy recipe and instead of the chicken I made mince-herb balls, was a winner with the boys in the house.

    I kept the cooking down to 15min for a crunchy-taste, balanced by the spices, herbs, fresh garlic and yes…lots of onions 🙂


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