What the Chinese known for 4,000 years

If your looking to lose more pounds then do what the Chinese have been doing for over 4,000 years. Start drinking and supplementing will green tea. Im sure you have heard all about green tea before and I can honestly tell you that it is not B.S. There have been numerous claims and scientific studies to back up all the outrageous claims.

One hour prior to exercise consume anywhere from 200-400mg of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate, the chemical found in green tea responsible for most of the health benefits associated with green tea). It will help aid in weight loss, boost energy, speed up metabolism, and block fat absorption. Need I say more?… If that isnt enough it also promotes healthy skin, enhance focus and mental functions, fight against diseases, and boosts immune system.

For best results take upon waking and as a pre-workout. I supplement it every day and noticed it works great in conjunction with MCT.

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