Fucking rage Animals new preworkout

I had the privilege to try out the new Animal Rage preworkout for the last few days. My buddy Adam over at Shredded RX got his hands on this product for me after returning from the Arnold Classic in Ohio. There has been alot of hype and anticipation for this product on the internet. Here I will give my honest opinion and feelings on this particular product.

The first thing I noticed is this product tastes horrible (Orange flavor). This did not discourage me though beacause usually the products that taste like crap work the best.

Secondly after giving it some time to absorb (about 30 minutes or so) it became clear that it wasnt as stimulating as i anticipated it to be. But it did manage to deliver a decent kick that was sustained though my entire workout. Also many preworkouts Ive experimented with in the past would cause a postworkout “crash” this wasnt an issue with Animal Rage. *thumbs up*

By far my most favorite thing about this preworkout was the vascularity factor! After 45 minutes of consuming the drink I noticed my veins have expanded to the size of garden hoses… which was really cool šŸ˜‰

Im used to taking preworkouts loaded with 1,3 Dimethylamine. If you are unfamiliar with 1,3 dimethylamine… its a compound found in some of the newer preworkouts. Its known for its thermogenic qualities but mostly for the incredible focus it gives you. I kind of felt lost in the gym without it since Animal Rage doesnt use this compound.

Overall after putting this product to the test I have to give this product a 7.5/8 out of 10.

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