Protein Time! SuperPro by BPI

Let me start by saying that I LOVE protein shakes! Typically I prefer a lean protein powder since Im not trying to gain anymore mass. But if I a prefer to have a snack it is SuperPro protein by BPI.

190 Calories
22g Protein
4g Fat
135mg Sodium
14g Carbs
1g Sugar

The first thing i noticed is its amazing taste. I’ve taken every protein out there and SuperPro is defiantly one of the top dogs when it comes to taste.

BPI included a blend of 25 different digestive enzymes to insure the maximum absorbability of protein, BCAA’s, healthy fats that help you burn fat, EFA’s and fiber.

Like Ive mentioned this isnt a protein that would be goal sufficient for me because it has alittle more carbs then Id like to take in, but for someone who would like to gain some size this would be ideal as a pre and post workout protein shake.

With all that said you guys might be wanting to know what protein Sadik uses… well I use Isolyze by Species.

One thought on “Protein Time! SuperPro by BPI

  1. Never heard of this one. But as you’re doing it, might as well try it out!

    I’m seriously waiting for someeee nice training/lifestyle tips from you, mister!

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